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Text::Utils cpan:TBROWDER last updated on 2020-04-06
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# Text::Utils

This module provides some miscellaneous text processing routines not
provided by core Raku. (Note it replaces the now-deprecated
`Text::More` module.)

Note this introduces a new API 2 for the `strip-comment` routine. See
the examples below for its use.  The old signature is still usable,
but it is deprecated and will be removed in version `3.0.0`.

## Synopsis

use Text::Utils :ALL;
Note that individual subroutines
may also be exported:

use Text::Utils :strip-comment;
# the '#' is the default comment character
my $line = " some  text # a comment";
$line = strip-comment $line;
say $line; # OUTPUT: « some  text ␤»

If you want to be fancier, return the stripped line and its comment,
with both strings normalized (trimmed of leading and trailing spaces,
contiguous spaces collapsed to one):

# define your own comment character(s)
# save the comment and normalize the returned strings
my ($line, $comm) = strip-comment $line, :mark<%%>, :save-comment, :normalize;
say $line; # OUTPUT: «some text␤»
say $comm; # OUTPUT: «a comment␤»
The default behavior is to find the first comment character in the input
string, but you may choose to start the search from the end of the
input string:

my $line = "text 1 # text 2 # comment";
$line = strip-comment $line, :reverse;
say $line; # OUTPUT: «text 1 # text 2 ␤»
Note that the routine is line oriented, so embedded newlines
may give unexpected results:
my $line = q:to/HERE/;
text 1 # comment 1
text 2 # comment 2
$line = strip-comment $line
say $line; # OUTPUT: «text 1 ␤»
## Installation
zef install Text::Utils
## Documentation
zef install p6doc
p6doc Text::Utils
## See also
- `Text::Abbrev`
- `Text::BorderedBlock`
- `Text::Diff::Sift4`
- `Text::Emotion`
- `Text::Levenshtein::Damerau`
- `Text::MiscUtils`
- `Text::More` (deprecated by `Text::Utils`)
- `Text::Table::List`
- `Text::Table::Simple`
- `Text::Tabs`
- `Text::Wrap`

## Acknowledgements

The `commify` subroutine is based on the subroutine of the same
name found in the *Perl Cookbook*.


Artistic 2.0. See that license [here](./LICENSE).


Copyright (C) 2019 Thomas M. Browder, Jr. <<[email protected]>>