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Tinky::Declare zef:jonathanstowe last updated on 2022-08-07
# Tinky::Declare

Declarative creation of Tinky machines

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## Synopsis

This is the functional equivalent to the [Tinky synopsis](

use Tinky;
use Tinky::Declare;

class Ticket does Tinky::Object {
    has Str $.ticket-number = (^100000).pick.fmt("%08d");
    has Str $.owner;

my $workflow = workflow 'ticket-workflow', {
    initial-state 'new';
    workflow-state 'new';
    workflow-state 'open';
    workflow-transition 'open', 'new', 'open';

    workflow-state 'rejected' , {
        on-enter -> $object {
            say "** sending rejected e-mail for Ticket '{ $object.ticket-number }' **";

    workflow-transition 'reject', 'new', 'rejected';
    workflow-transition 'reject', 'open','rejected';
    workflow-transition 'reject', 'stalled','rejected';

    workflow-state 'in-progress';
    workflow-state 'stalled';

    workflow-transition 'stall', 'open', 'stalled';
    workflow-transition 'stall', 'in-progress', 'stalled', {
        on-apply-transition -> $object {
            say "** rescheduling tickets for '{ $object.owner }' on ticket stall **";

    workflow-state 'completed';

    workflow-transition 'unstall', 'stalled', 'in-progress';
    workflow-transition 'take', 'open', 'in-progress';
    workflow-transition 'complete', 'open', 'complete';
    workflow-transition 'complete', 'in-progress', 'complete';

    on-transition -> ( $transition, $object ) {
        say "Ticket '{ $object.ticket-number }' went from { $ }' to '{ $ }'";

    on-final-state -> ( $state, $object) {
        say "** updating performance stats with Ticket '{ $object.ticket-number }' entered State '{ $ }'"


my $ticket-a = => "Operator A");





$ticket-a.state = $workflow.state('stalled');


There are further [examples in the distribution](examples).

## Description

This provides a declarative interface to create [Tinky]( 'workflow' objects.
You probably want to familiarise yourself with the [Tinky documentation](
to get an idea of what is going on under the hood.

Essentially it creates a small DSL that allows you to create a [Tinky::Workflow](
populated with the [State]( and [Transition](
objects that describe the workflow.  Because the underlying objects are created for you only those features of Tinky that don't require
sub-classing are exposed, such as tapping the supplies for leaving and entering a state (or all states,) the application of a transition (or all transitions,)
and application of the workflow to an object, as well as [validation callbacks](
for all of those events.

The full documentation is [in the distribution](

## Installation

Assuming that you have a working installation of Rakudo you should be able to install this with *zef* :

    zef install Tinky::Declare

    # Or from a checkout of this repository

    zef install .

## Support

Hopefully this will prove useful, if only as an inspiration to make something better.
Please post any suggestions/fixes/patches at [Github](

## Licence & Copyright

This is free software.

Please see [LICENCE](LICENCE) for the details.

© Jonathan Stowe 2021