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TooLoo zef:masukomi last updated on 2023-01-17



Got an overwhelming number of command line scripts and functions? So many you\'ve actually started to forget what options you have available, or what some of them do? Try TooLoo!

What does it do?

TooLoo allows provides a full text search of the name, description, and details of your scripts. When a script includes a \"help\" command, TooLoo will call it and display current usage docs instead of potentially outdated ones from its cache.

Scroll down to see some examples of its output.

Additionally, TooLoo can generate a static web site with a built-in Lunr search to document all your commands. To accomplish this, TooLoo generates the Markdown files, and Hugo builds the search index, and converts it to a site for you.


``` example Usage: tooloo -V|--version[=Any] [--verbose[=Any]] tooloo add -- Add & updates documentation of a command with a .toml file, or an ansiicast demo with a .cast file tooloo add-many -- Add / update all .toml & .cast files in a directory or its children. tooloo demo -- play the asciicast demo of the specified command tooloo demos -- List all your commands that have associated asciicast demos tooloo find [ ...] -- Execute a full text against documented commands. Search terms should be separate arguments. tooloo list -- List all your commands & their quick description tooloo list -- Lists a filtered subset of commands via filter: 'demos' tooloo list-json tooloo export -- Create a static blog documenting all your commands tooloo remove -- Remove a command from the database tooloo serve [] -- Starts a mini JSON REST server (will lock the db) tooloo show -- Display the full details of a specific command tooloo show-json tooloo template -- Generate a blank TOML template alongside the specified command tooloo update -- Updates documentation of a command with a .toml file, or an ansiicast demo with a .cast file

<file_path>           Paths must end in .toml or .cast
<directory_path>      Path to dir to search for .toml & .cast files
<filter>              Currently supported filters: demos
<format>              Currently supported formats: hugo
<export_directory>    the directory to export to
<hostname>            Hostname or IP address to bind to ( / localhost)
[<port>]              port to use, defaults to 6996 [default: 6996]
<command_name>        The name of the executable


Want All The Docs? has got you covered.

I\'m a big fan of README Driven Development, but this README was getting to be too much for one page.