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Trait::Env cpan:SCIMON last updated on 2021-04-29

Revision history for Trait-Env

1.1.1  2021-04-29T09:02:58+01:00
    - Issue with Typing on tests. See rakudo/rakudo#4096

1.1.0  2020-03-03T10:04:57Z
    - Fix issues with trailing seperators and empty parts in hashes
    - Added is env(:json) to Scalar Attributes and Variables.

1.0.2  2020-02-25T09:44:11Z
    - Renaming File extensions

1.0.1  2019-08-14T14:16:44+01:00
    - Removed extraneous documentation line.

1.0.0  2019-08-14T14:10:47+01:00
    - Remove v6.c from tests.
    - Break the seperate class test into it's own file
    - Fix the precompliation issue for Attributes.

0.5.2  2019-03-04T11:51:00Z
    - Stop using v6.c

0.5.1  2018-09-05T08:57:20+01:00
    - Returned Trait::Env::Shared to provides as it's breaking builds

0.5.0  2018-09-04T19:53:02+01:00
    - Variables, Positional and Associative.

0.4.1  2018-09-04T17:30:25+01:00
    - $*DISTRO.path-sep seperation for arrays.

0.4.0  2018-09-03T19:34:26+01:00
    - Splitting out the Attributes and new Variables modules.
    - Basic Variable interpolation with types.

0.3.3  2018-08-30T09:26:43+01:00
    - Typed Hashes

0.3.2  2018-08-29T11:30:11+01:00
    - Turn off precomplication to work around trait bug.

0.3.1  2018-08-27T12:46:37+01:00
    - Documented the post_match and pre_match values

0.3.0  2018-08-27T12:42:09+01:00
    - Minor refactoring
    - Fixed issue with defaults and seperated arrays
    - String seperated hashes

0.2.1  2018-08-23T16:53:44+01:00
    - Added :sep key to allow single value seperated lists
0.2.0  2018-08-23T14:32:10+01:00
    - Added Arrays.
    - Did a bunch of refactoring.

0.1.1  2018-08-22T07:48:03+01:00
    - Fixed undefined variable failure for typed variables.
    - Updated tests to not clobber the environment.

0.1.0  2018-08-21T17:21:47+01:00
    - Boolean vlues update to allow True/False in environment vars
    - Added a named exception

0.0.1  2018-08-20T17:14:51+01:00
    - Initial version