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Tree::Binary zef:Scimon last updated on 2022-07-07

Revision history for Tree::Binary (Formerly BTree)

0.0.7  2022-07-07T11:55:22+01:00
    - Documentation Iteration options
    - Fix gist and Raku Class methods
    - Fix iteration... note InOrder, PostOrder and PreOrder options to traversal

    - Adding an Iterator and making the Tree and Iterable.
    - Defaults to Depth First Left to Right traversal but can be modified as
    an attribute at creation.

    - Keeping Tree::Binary as top level namespace
    - Moving the Role around and updating some documentation

    - Renamed to Tree::Binary
    - Added elems(:all) and elems(:leaf)
    - Put reverse back in.

    - Tidied up a bunch of documentation
    - Both the Str and gist outputs can be given a renderer Type
    - Removed traverse and reverse for now.
    - renamed count to elems to match other types

    - Initial version
    - Basically a slightly tidied up version of the code I've used a few times in the weekly challenge.
    - More planned (including... you know... tests and more documentation).