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UML::Translators zef:antononcube last updated on 2023-03-26
# Raku UML::Translators

## In brief

This repository is for a Raku package for the translations of code into 
[Unified Modeling Language (UML)]( 
specifications and vice versa.

Currently, the package only translates Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Raku code into: 

- The Domain Specific Language (DSL) of [Mermaid-JS](

- The DSL of [PlantUML](

- Argument specification of the UML class diagram function [`UMLClassGraph`](
  of the Mathematica / Wolfram Language (WL) package [AAp1] 

See [AA2] for usage examples of both PlantUML and `UMLClassGraph` in Mathematica.

**Remark:** The package provides Command Line Interface (CLI) script.

**Remark:** (Currently) the development of PlantUML is more robust and complete than that of Mermaid-JS.
Hence, workflow-wise, using this package to generate PlantUML specs would produce (on average) best results.

### Future plans

A fully fledged version of this package would translate:
- C++, Java, Kotlin, or Raku code into UML specs
- UML specs into C++, Java, Kotlin, or Raku code

Currently, only UML specs are generated to PlantUML's DSL and a much poorer WL DSL.
Ideally, subsequent versions of this package would be able to use UML specifications
encoded in XML and JSON.


## Installation

### From zef's ecosystem

zef install UML::Translators

### From GitHub

zef install 


## Command Line Interface

The package provides the CLI script `to-uml-spec`. Here is its usage message:

to-uml-spec --help

### Usage examples

Generate PlantUML spec for the Raku package 

to-uml-spec --/methods --/attributes "ML::Clustering"

With this shell command we generate a Plant UML spec for the package 
and create the UML diagram image with a local PlantUML JAR file (downloaded from [PUML1]):

to-uml-spec --/methods --/attributes 'Chemistry::Stoichiometry' | java -jar ~/Downloads/plantuml-1.2022.5.jar -pipe -tjpg > /tmp/myuml.jpg


## Raku session

### UML for ad hoc classes

Here we generate a PlantUML spec:

use UML::Translators;
module MyPackageClass {
  role A { method a1 {} }
  role B { method b1 {} }
  class C does A { has $!c-var; method c1 {} }
  class D does B is C { has $!d-var; method d1 {} }

Here we generate a MermaidJS spec:

```perl6, outputPrompt=NONE, outputLang=mermaid
to-uml-spec('MyPackageClass', format => 'mermaid')

### UML for packages

Get PlantUML code for the package

say to-uml-spec('Chemistry::Stoichiometry'):!methods:!attributes

Get WL UML graph spec for the package [AAp1]:

say to-uml-spec('Chemistry::Stoichiometry', format => 'wluml'):!methods:!attributes

### Classes in a name space

Get the classes, roles, subs, and constants of a namespace:

.say for namespace-types('ML::TriesWithFrequencies', :how-pairs).sort(*.key)


## Potential problems

### Mermaid JS

The package can export class diagrams in the 
[Mermaid-JS format](
Unfortunately, currently (November 2022) Mermaid-JS does not support colon characters in class names.
Hence, colons are replaced with underscores.

Also, currently (November 2022) class specs in Mermaid-JS cannot be empty. I.e. the Mermaid JS code
generated here ***will not*** produce a diagram:

to-uml-spec --/methods --/attributes "ML::Clustering" --format=mermaid  

(Because of the empty definition `ML_Clustering_KMeans {  }`.)

This command should produce Mermaid JS code that will produce diagram:

to-uml-spec --/methods --/attributes "ML::Clustering" --format=mermaid  


## References

[AA1] Anton Antonov, et al.,
["Find programmatically all classes, grammars, and roles in a Raku package"](,

[AA2] Anton Antonov,
["Generating UML diagrams for Raku namespaces"](,

[AAp1] Anton Antonov,
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