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Unix::Groups zef:jonathanstowe last updated on 2023-07-02



Access to the Unix group file in Raku

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use Unix::Groups;

my $groups =;

say "The logged in user is member of these groups:";

for $groups.groups-for-user($*USER.Str) -> $group {
    say $;


This module provides access to the group details from /etc/group, with similar to getgrent(), getgrnam and getgrgid in the Unix standard C library.

The methods either return a Unix::Groups::Group object or an array of those objects.

Because this module goes directly to the group file, if your system is configured to retrieve its group information from e.g. NIS or LDAP it may not necessarily reflect all the groups present, just the local ones.


Assuming you have a working Rakudo installation you should be able to install this with zef :

# From the source directory

zef install .

# Remote installation

zef install User::Groups


Suggestions/patches are welcomed via github at


This is free software.

Please see the LICENCE file in the distribution

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