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caelum cpan:ANDINUS last updated on 2021-04-27
#+title: Caelum
#+subtitle: Caelum is a text based Cee-lo game
#+export_file_name: index
#+setupfile: ~/.emacs.d/org-templates/

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| Source          | |
| GitHub (mirror) |          |

* Demo

This was recorded with ~asciinema~.


+ Caelum v0.1.1:

* Installation

Caelum is released to CPAN, you can get it from there or install it from
source. In any case, ~zef~ is required to install the distribution.

You can run Caelum without ~zef~. Just run ~raku -Ilib bin/caelum~ from
within the source directory.

** Release

1. Run ~zef install caelum~.

Caelum should be installed, try running ~caelum --version~ to confirm.

** From Source

You can either download the release archive generated by cgit/GitHub or
clone the project if you have ~git~ installed.

*** Without ~git~

1. Download the release:
2. Extract the file.
3. Run ~zef install .~ in source directory.

*** With ~git~

All commits will be signed by my [[][PGP Key]].

#+begin_src sh
# Clone the project.
git clone
cd caelum

# Install octans.
zef install .

* Documentation

** Implementation

Caelum is an implementation of [[][Cee-lo without a bank]]. The bet amount is
set to be the average of whatever each player decides.

** Options

*** players

Number of players. Default is 2, should be an integer greater than or
equal to 2.

* News

** v0.1.1 - 2021-04-27

+ Fixed bug in winning logic.

** v0.1.0 - 2021-04-27

Initial implementation.