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cro zef:cro last updated on 2022-11-30

# cro web frontend

The `cro web` frontend is a React.js/Redux.js application, bundled into a
single JavaScript file using webpack. It is written in ES6, with babel being
used to translate it into the JavaScript browsers more widely support. The
generated bundle is committed into `../resources/`, so that `cro` users do
not need to install a JavaScript build toolchain in order to use `cro`; only
those working on the frontend need care for what is in this directory and the
setup of a build toolchain.

## Setup

1. Install Node.js and `npm`.
2. `npm install -g webpack`
3. npm install .

## Building

Just run `npm run build`. The output will end up in the `resources` directory
of the enclosing application.