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pack6 cpan:ALOREN last updated on 2020-11-07
An tools can easily create CPAN tarball for you\!

# Usage:

    pack6 [[email protected]*] [OPTIONs]

## Example

    pack6 . -md -ex .idea -ex perl6-pack6.iml

This command will create a tarball for pack6.

## Options

  - `-d`
        Print debug message

  - `-ex=<array>`
        Exclude file from module source, in default are .precomp and .git.

  - `-h`
        Print the help message.

  - `-md`
        Require module CPAN::Convert wrap the &*pack6-hook, convert all the asciidoc to markdown.

  - `-out=<string>`
        Set the pack output directory, in default is current directory.

  - `-pp=<array>`
        User can create a module like CPAN::Convert hook the &*pack6-hook.
        Pack6 will call &*pack6-hook on output directory, in default do nothing.

  - `-v`
        Print the version information.

  - `-ver=<string>`
        Using ver instead of version info in META6.json.

# Installation

  - install with zef
        zef install pack6

# Lincese

The MIT License (MIT).