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rakudoc cpan:SOFTMOTH last updated on 2021-05-04
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rakudoc - A tool for reading Raku documentation


    rakudoc [-d|--doc-sources=<Directories>] [-D|--no-default-docs] <query>
    rakudoc -b|--build-index [-d|--doc-sources=<Directories>] [-D|--no-default-docs]
    rakudoc -V|--version
    rakudoc -h|--help <ARGUMENTS>

    <query>                           Example: 'Map', 'IO::Path.add', '.add'
    -d|--doc-sources=<Directories>    Additional directories to search for documentation
    -D|--no-default-docs              Use only directories in --doc / $RAKUDOC
    -b|--build-index                  Index all documents found in doc source directories


The `rakudoc` command displays Raku documentation for language features and installed modules.


  * `RAKUDOC` — Comma-separated list of doc directories (e.g., `../doc/doc,./t/test-doc`); ignored if `--doc-sources` option is given

  * `RAKUDOC_DATA` — Path to directory where Rakudoc stores cache and index data

  * `RAKUDOC_PAGER` — Pager program (default: `$PAGER`)


Rakudoc is Copyright (C) 2019–2021, by Joel Schüller, Tim Siegel and others.

It is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the [Artistic License 2.0](